About Roadeo

Roadeo started with one goal: get travelers information without them being spammed to death.

We've all been there. You see the omnipresent offers: "Text 'save' to OurNumber and get 10% off!" "Friend us to find out who's playing tonight!" "Offer valid to our Followers." But once you get home, you've got a slew of "REMOVE ME" texts to send, or businesses to un-friend, or posts to un-follow.

So we saw the problem: how can someone visiting a city take advantage of all the events, specials and sales businesses promote to their local social media audience?

Roadeo allows you to discover the best of the city your visiting, without the hassles.

Tell us what you're intersted in exploring in town: the restaurants, the museums, the shops, the music. Whatever you're interested in, select the category and we'll get you the up-to-date information. We'll sift through the social media posts from the businesses in your destination, and we'll send you the ones you're interested in. You can tag the businesses you like for future reference, or send them a note on the social media.

Then when you get home, the notices stop. No spam. No un-friending. No un-following. You'll get the information you need to enjoy your trip, when you want it, where you want it.

Plus we'll inform the staff at your hotel in the same way, so they can find out the things that their guests are interested in, and they can keep you in the soul of the city.